The Truth About Nano Double Eyelid


Nano Double Eyelid is a procedure which creates a double fold on the eyelid of people who have none.  Instead of always putting on an eyelid tape or glue, this procedure inserts a suture inside the eyelid itself to make the fold for you.


Many beauty clinics or spas are now promoting Nano Double Eyelid Procedure, claiming that they are the first and only trained in the Philippines to do such procedure.  They are also claiming that the procedure is “non-invasive”, “non-surgical” and “without complications”. These claims are all false.  Nano Double Eyelid, also known as Non-Incision or Suture Technique Double Eyelid Procedure is an old-age technique in plastic surgery.  All plastic surgeons are well trained to do this procedure.  Other non-medical personnel or general doctors who are claiming they were trained to do Nano Double Eyelid only underwent a seminar on how to do the procedure.  They are not aware of the complications that is why they are saying it has no complications. It is NOT a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure because a surgical grade suture is inserted inside the eyelid, any wrong move and you’ll get bleeding, corneal abrasions, ptosis, uneven eyelid, suture granuloma and infection.  Why would you risk your health by trusting unqualified personnel?


So how is it done?


Non-incision or Nano Double Eyelid Procedure is done by making small holes in the eyelid where you want the fold using a surgical blade.  Then a surgical grade suture will be inserted and tied inside.  This procedure is only possible for younger patients who do not have excess skin, muscle and fat on the upper eyelid.  Is this permanent?  The time frame is limited by the stability of the suturing done.  If the suture gets loose, you will also lose the fold.  


What if you have excess or sagging eyelid skin?


For those with sagging eyelid skin, Nano Double Eyelid will not be effective. Incision Technique or Upper Blepharoplasty is the correct procedure for this case.  It removes the excess skin, muscle and fat on the upper eyelid.  It also recreates the double eyelid fold. The effect lasts longer compared with the non-incision technique.  


So before going with the trend, ask first if the person doing the procedure is a legit surgeon.  For a list of board certified plastic surgeons, check out


Written by Dr. Ma. Concepcion Bernal a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Permanent Makeup Artist since 2013.