Avoid Regretting Your Permanent Makeup

To avoid the mistakes like others who regret getting their permanent makeup, here is how you should NOT choose where to have your permanent makeup done:


1.  Location

   Don’t choose the nearest salon who offer microblading in your neighborhood, except if you are 100% sure that they do great stuff.  The nearest one might not be most skilled in your town.  Most often than not, salons will dive into the trend and try to offer the latest product or service even without much experience.  So do your research first.  Ask among your neighbors about their experience and result.  Was it painful?  Did they get the brow shape that they wanted?


2. Cheapest Price

   A lot choose the cheapest, not even taking into consideration that you are getting what you pay for.  High quality products, cleanliness and safety all come with a price. Permanent makeup is a procedure with many consumables and one-time use only products such as needles, inks, gloves, etc.  So think again how they can offer it that cheap.  You wouldn’t want to share needles or inks with someone else.

   Beware of promos.  Promos can either be good and bad at the same time.  You should just be aware who will do the procedure for the promo. If it is a trainee who will do it at a promo price, make sure that quality control is still done by the owner. Remember, it will cost more to remove a tattoo than to get one.


3. Advertisements

  Quite a number also choose base on where their favorite celebrity did their brows or lips or eyeliner.  These celebrities are paid to advertise the service.  Not to mention, some ad pictures are photoshopped and filtered. The best advertisement is still through word of mouth.  Believe in someone whom you know did the procedure and actually looks great.  


So before you go into permanent makeup, do your research first.  Read reviews, research about the permanent artist, their quality of work and how long are they already in the industry.  Always remember that microblading is a skill.  It takes a lot of practice and experience to perfect the craft. 


Written by Dr. Aicee Bernal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Permanent Makeup Artist since 2013.