How to get rid of sagging eyelids?

As we age, we can notice that our eyelids are starting to sag.   Our eyelid fold becomes smaller than when we were young.  Sometimes the eyelid skin may even be touching the eyelashes already.  


If you don’t notice these small details in your eyes, another sign of sagging eyelids is wrinkles on your forehead.  These wrinkles appear because your forehead is always trying to pull up on your eyebrows and eyelids, so you can see better.  


So how do we get rid of sagging eyelids?


For starters, you have the option of doing Botox to help raise the eyelid a little.  If your eyelid skin is just starting to sag, Botox is a good option.  However, if your eyelids have too much excess skin, this can only be addressed by surgical removal.  The excess skin, which is seen as sagging eyelid, is excised and the remaining eyelid skin is sutured.  This operation is also known as an Upper Blepharoplasty.  


Upper Blepharoplasty is done under local anesthesia, meaning an anesthetic drug is injected in the skin to make it numb.  The procedure last for about an hour, where excess eyelid skin is removed.   After the operation, expect swelling for about a week.  The sutures are then removed 5 to 6 days after the surgery.   During the recovery period, you may notice that your double eyelid fold is similar to when you were younger, and the scar usually fades after a few months.  


Blepharoplasty is a relatively safe procedure as long as it is done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Here in the Philippines, you may search for qualified surgeons at


Written by Dr. Aicee Bernal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Permanent Makeup Artist since 2013.