Why did your Brow Permanent Makeup turned black (or blue or red)? What happened?

“What happened!?” 

That’s the screaming voice going inside your head.  Despite the fact that you actually saw the ink that was used for your Eyebrow Permanent Makeup was brown, it turned out black or greenish blue after a few weeks. 


So now you’re thinking what went wrong? 


First of all, our skin is not like paper that reflects the original ink color.  You need to understand that there are several factors affecting the final result of your brow tint.  Let me enumerate them to you:


1.  Ink

Brown ink is a mixture of yellow, red and blue inks.  When it is placed inside our skin, gradually over time each color component dissolves away at a different pace.  So after a few years, your brow may look reddish or bluish or yellowish, depending on what the main color remained.

So maybe you are asking, why did your brow turned to black or blue immediately after healing?


2.  Needle

If that’s the case, ask what needle was used for your permanent makeup?  

The number of needles used also affects the final color of your brows.  Using a single needle, will usually give you a result that looks brown right after the procedure, however after healing, it turns out very dark.  On the other hand, groups of 3 or more needle will give you a final shade similar to the original ink shade that was used.


3. Skill

Skill of the artist is the most important factor to consider.  Permanent makeup is highly skill-dependent.  The depth of the needle that goes inside the skin contributes to the final color result.  The deeper the needle goes, the darker the final color.   If the needle is too shallow, chances are, the color will fade after the peeling period.

So how do you choose the right one for you?  The best and easiest way to choose is checking their track record.  The more years they are in the practice means that they perform well.  If their clients go back for retouches years after their procedure, it means they were satisfied with the previous result.  Check on their portfolio.  Before and after pics are great, but check if they have pictures of long term results. Avoid falling into the marketing traps of brand new shops with great advertising and a perfect 5-star review online. 


4.  After care

You also contribute to the final color result. How you take care of your Eyebrow Permanent Makeup after the procedure is very crucial.  To make the color stay the same longer, make sure to apply sunblock and avoid putting exfoliating products near the brows.  


Written by Dr. Ma. Concepcion Bernal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Permanent Makeup Artist since 2013.